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What happens with our OCWM donations?

Our OCWM dollars support the larger United Church of Christ in four primary ways:

  • MESA (Ministerial Excellence, Support, and Authorization) This is not only the structure that helped us to hire Pastor Christen nearly 10 years ago, but also helped Peace Church call Nikki Shaw into ministry as a licensed clergy person. This team also supports 55 military chaplains for LGBTQ+ United States Service Members.
  • Missions¬†This is the arm supporting global ministries, especially refugees. They also advocate for Middle East peace, provide translations services for publications from their various languages into English, engage in sustainable farming initiatives overseas, and much, much more.
  • Social Justice UCC history includes the abolition movement, the rights and ordination of women, race equality, and LGBTQ+ rights. The UCC is also deeply concerned with environmental issues. The UCC still has offices in Washington DC, one of only a few denominations still working for legislative advocacy. The UCC has also published information to help congregations have sacred conversations on race, to help us achieve racial equity.
  • Conferences¬†Part of our OCWM dollars pay for our conference (in our case, the Indiana-Kentucky Conference) to hire staff, create workshops, and provide conference ministers who help guide our local committees on ministry and provide pastoral care to our area pastors. The IKC unites congregations across Indiana and Kentucky at the annual gathering and in yearlong conversations, community, and fellowship.

This is why Peace Church pledges $5,000 each year to go to OCWM. If you haven’t already donated, please do! Every dollar counts and goes far to keep the UCC doing the work of the Holy Spirt, Christ, and God in our world.

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