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Our Church’s Wider Mission: An Introduction

Each year Peace UCC commits part of it’s faithful giving to support Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM), the national pool of funds that support a myriad of other ministries. But, like all things with a big, diverse mission, it’s not always clear to those of us here in the pews what it is that OCWM does with that money.

This short video explains exactly where our support goes. For example:

  • To support new ministers, continuing ministers, and retired ministers.
  • To support global ministry for the poor, the sick, the hungry.
  • To support research, publications, and communications.
  • To support natural disaster relief (right now OCWM is sending money to communities affected by California’s Thomas Fire).
  • To maintain our historical activity in social justice efforts.
  • To provide financial support to the conferences (regional offices).

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