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Crossroad Child and Family Services Annual Dinner

SAVE the DATE! Once again we are excited to help promote the Crossroad Child and Family Services Annual Dinner, a fundraising event for the organization to help them help some of the most needful youth and children in our area. This year’s theme is “Everyday Superheroes.”

In 2018 we put together 2 tables from Peace UCC thanks to your participation and generous donations. If you’d like to join forces and make a table of up to 8 people, contact Nikki Shaw at 617-512-8692 or nicoleleighshaw@gmail.com.

If you’d simply like to contribute to the event with a monetary donation, just make a check payble to “Peace UCC” and put “Crossroad Annual Dinner” on the memo line. If you donate through our online giving, simply select “Crossroad Annual Dinner” from the pull down menu through Tithely (and do consider checking the box for “Cover fees?” so that all of your donation will go toward Crossroad, instead of some of it being deducted to pay for online fees).

If your company does matching donations, consider asking them to support your gift with a match of their own.

If you’d like to help in other ways, Crossroad is also looking for donations of action figures and Barbies in all walks of life: superheroes, doctors, firefighters, teachers, and more! They’d like to have about 2 figures per table. Peace’s goal is to collect 10 action figures/Barbies. Can you help? Let Nikki Shaw know.

Event Date Title Location Map
May 16, 2019 - 6:00 pm Crossroad Child and Family Services Annual Dinner View